Tradition and experience for the future
As a competent partner for our customers all over Europe, we can look back at decades of experience in the manufacture and machining of forgings.
Our highly motivated personnel in each of our departments- development, drop forging, upsetting, pressing and stamping, heat treating, machining, as well as finishing and mounting- will work with you to find future-orientated and economical Solutions to your needs.
  2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Personnel 107 118 126 127 136 115 120
Turnover 12.1 Mio € 14.5 Mio € 16.1 Mio € 17.7 Mio € 20.1 Mio € 14.5 Mio € 21.7 Mio €
Used material 3,550t Steel 4,820t Steel 5,056t Steel 5,620t Steel 5,.624t Steel 4,434t Steel 7,576t Steel
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