Since we have been machining all forged parts in our company for decades,
we want to pass on this experience to our customers.

Lot sizes

We are especially efficient at small and middle series.
For large scale production we automatise our equipment.


We are also able to machine all parts we forge for you.



We machine forgings with a turning length of up to 300mm and a maximum turning diameter of 158mm.


Our machining centers have a traverse path of up to 2000 x 600 x 800 mm.


  • 16 single workplace machining centers with 4-axis
  • 1 double workplace machining center with 4-axis
  • 13 machining centers with 4 and 5-axis, seven of them automated with robots and interlinked
  • 6 CNC turning centers, four of them automated with robots and interlinked
  • 1 CNC double spindle turning center with automated loading and unloading
  • 1 horizontal lathe with tailstock and motor driven tooling equipment
  • 2 horizontal lathes
  • 2 induction hardening machines


Certificate AD2000

Certificate ISO9001 / ISO14001

Satisfied Customers